About the Grower

IMG 9526During the back to the earth movement of the 1960s - remembered by some as the Scott and Helen Nearing period - we moved to Maine and began what was to become one of many adventures growing organic, pesticide-free vegetables.

As a master gardener I joined with others to develop a demonstration garden at Morris Farm in Wiscasset to show families how easy it was to grow fresh vegetables at home; later growing numerous tomato seedlings as a fundraiser for the farm. I have grown tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings for a local CSA.

IMG 9552In the summer of 2009, my passion for growing seedlings escalated during a visit with my sister, Gail, a grower in PEI, Canada, where I was introduced to micro greens - these tiny tender and tasty seedlings you are about to eat - thus, with the support and advice from family and friends, emerged MicroMainea.

IMG 9725MicroMainea offers the finest of micro greens cut, washed and packaged in containers or for those who enjoy harvesting their own at home we offer live micros growing in the 4" pots.

We welcome your comments and recipes, simply email us:

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Judy Hughes
(207) 882-4214
Westport Island, Maine