The unmistakable spicy pepper taste of arugula packed into beautiful tender dark green leaves.

Asian Mustard Suehlihung

Beautiful, serrated first true leaves appear on this tender micro green mask an unmistakable taste of radish.

China Rose

Dramatic light red stems show off a larger leaf with a delicious mild, but distinct radish taste.


Delicate threads, which at times reveal a hint of a frond, deliver the clean taste of anise.

Garnet Mustard

A deep red seed leaf transitions into a first true leaf, light green in color with streaks of maroon and a delightful mustard taste.

Purple Kohlrabi

Deep green leaves, edged with purple, yield the luscious taste of a fall cole crop.

Red Amaranth

Definitely the beauty queen of micro greens with a bright magenta color and, for some, a taste of beet. Available May thru Sept. Suggest bulls blood beet during the cooler days in Oct.-April.

Sweet Corn Shoots

A surprisingly sweet corn taste on tender shoots grown in an organic soil mix; they add a sweet, crunchy taste to a colorful, spicy plate.

Sweet Pea Tendrils

These delicate tender pea tendrils deliver the sweet taste of early summer; garnish a salmon plate and jump-start the fourth of July.

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Laura Cabot

Can't wait for spring? I feel your pain. We long for something green under foot and something fresh, crisp and flavorful from the garden. But there is something anyone with a few proper seeds up their sleeve can do about it. Grow some "micro greens!"

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